Bihar Karma
This blog is all about the five letter word ‘Karma’- a person or person’s actions that causes good or bad things to happen; karma of Bihar is something which should belong to the inhabitants of Bihar, in fact it does to some extent .Well, now that you know that it belongs to us we should grab this opportunity, which might seem a morsel but it is not; the citizens must utilize it in a prudent manner to bring about eminence in the forth coming years of the same. The citizens should wisely and discerningly decide what , when and how things should be done through their own point of view which might be taken into consideration if suitable. We do not want politicians to blindfold the people of Bihar just to win the seat for their own benefit which leads the state into depressive state like – corruption, chaos, poor infrastructure, low education, poverty and the list never stops.

This blog exists to elevate Bihar and to set it as an epitome of a virtuous and progressive state in the entire country. This blog wants people’s participation by throwing your comments, ideas irrespective of it being positive or negative. Ideas emerge from discussions from which development arises.

This page also highlight’s issues in Bihar along with, latest news, different events happening in this contemporary in Bihar.

Jai Bihar!

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