Litti Pe Charcha – Sparking Bihar’s Election in support of BJP

NRI Biharis organized ‘Litti Pe Charcha’ event at several places to send their voice to Bihar about their opinion and expectation from the new government. They discussed on the current issues and status of Bihar like Corruption, Education, Poverty, Unemployment, Migration, Health, Law and Order Situation, Agriculture etc. Most of them have given edge to BJP alliance NDA government  over Nitish-Lalu alliance Mahagathbandhan and supported NDA to form new government in Bihar.
This event was driven by Atul Kumar (Healthcare Entrepreneur), Lakshmi Narayan Singh (IT Consultant and Head of Vote4Bihar group) and Anand Gupta (IT Consultant and head of LittiPeCharcha4Bihar group) along with many volunteers.

Time Square, New York, USA:

Houston, Texas, USA:
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Dallas, Texas, USA:
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Edison, New Jersey, USA:
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Prague, Czech Republic:
L2 L4

Bangalore, India:
B1 B2

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