Bihar cabinet declares Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘Airlift’ tax free


The Bihar cabinet today decided to exempt entertainment tax on Bollywood film Airlift starring Akshay Kumar.

A cabinet meeting took the decision as the film inculcates the feeling of pride and honor for the country among youths, Cabinet Secretariat Department’s Principal Secretary Brajesh Mehrotra said.

The unit of Airlift took enough care and the makers made sure the movie has been gripping throughout as it is a patriotic film. Directed by Raja Menon, the film is based on evacuation of around 1.70 lakh Indians from Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1990. Unfortunately, this has never been discussed in history and 1.70 lakh Indians have been evacuated during this time.

Airlift 26 Days Box Office Collection: 173 Crores Worldwide (Approx)

Airlift has been made tax free in Uttar Pradesh earlier.


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