Sonakshi Sinha to enter the Guinness Book of World Records


Sonakshi Sinha will be doing something unique this International Women’s Day. The actress is set to attempt to create a world record of the most people painting fingernails simultaneously,

by joining a group of women. The actress tells us that she has always been competitive by nature and hopes to see her name as one among those holding a Guinness record.

“I love challenges and I am competitive in a good way, if I participate in something I like to be good at it and do well. I enjoy the process of attempting a task more than anything else. It’s such an achievement to set a record and be featured in the Guinness books. There are so many categories and fields where records are broken every year and it makes for a really interesting read, it’s something I always enjoyed reading about and now I’m part of one such attempt myself.

Sharing some of the obstacles that she has undergone in real life, Sonakshi says, “A couple of my challenging moments till date have definitely been getting through fashion school and then jumping from that to being an actor and besides that another challenge was learning mixed martial arts for Akira. It’s both physically and mentally challenging. But I’m always up for a task so I won’t complain.””

Source: TOI

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