Now, Maithili on Indian currency note


PATNA: There is a good news for Maithili speaking people. Now Maithili would find a place on the Indian currency note. PMO has directed the coins and currency division of RBI to take appropriate steps to include Maithili as well as the remaining four languages i.e. Manipuri, Santhali, Dogri and Bodo, on the rupee note.

Out of 22 languages having been accorded official language status as per the eight schedule of the constitution of India, only 17 find a place on the Indian currency.

RBI had earlier diligently provided for all the official languages to be printed on the rupee note. However it appears that after the inclusion of four new languages -Maithili, Santhali, Dogri and Bodo in the 8th schedule on January 8, 2004, the same missed the attention of RBI.

“The rupee note is the symbols of our sovereignty and pride. It goes without saying that all the languages which find a mention as ‘official language’ in our constitution, should be treated with equal respect and be given similar treatment including a place on our rupee note”, PMO note said.

This was happened following a repeated request sent by a Maithili expert Subhash Choudhary to the union finance minister as well as the RBI governor on January 25, 2014. In a letter to the finance minister Choudhary had a made a request to include Maithili on rupee note which was forwarded to the PMO for approval.

Choudhary said: ” just before union budget I met to the minister of state for finance Jayant Sinha and request the same to him. Today I got a mail from PMO in which has directed the coins and currency to take appropriate steps in this regard.”

 Choudhary said that the ancient language of Maithili has its own script known as “Tirhuta”. He also made a request to the RBI to mention Maithili in its own script which will reflect the cultural excellence and plurality of our nation.
Source: TOI
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