Now, poly bags to be banned in Rajgir


Biharsharif: The district administration has decided to ban use of polythene bags in Rajgir, the internationally acclaimed tourists’ spot of the state, from April 1, the day on which ban on country liquor comes into effect.

“By imposing a ban on use of polythene in Rajgir from April 1, we have initiated a small step to protect the environment”, said Nalanda DM Tyagrajan SM on Thursday.
He said, “The programme will succeed only with the participation of stakeholders and appealed to all the persons concerned including shopkeepers, polythene bags suppliers and local residents to shun use of poly bags.”

The DM also exhorted the stakeholders to use biodegradable bags like those made from paper. He also warned that anyone found violating the directive will be punished with fine and imprisonment.

Tyagrajan also directed the Rajgir nagar panchayat CEO Buland Akhtar and all the officials concerned to ensure effective implementation of the proposed ban and realise a fine of Rs 100 from the first time offenders, Rs 500 from those found violating the ban for the second time and FIR against those found guilty of violating the rule for the third time.

Tyagrajan also directed Rajgir SDO Jyoti Nath Sahdev to ensure that before the ban on polythene bags comes into effect from April 1, jute bags or paper bags made from other biodegradable materials should be available in the market.

Source: TOI

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